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OEM Replacement Radiators:

With a large in house inventory, we offer high quality truck radiators for all makes and most models designed to meet and in many cases exceed the OEM specifications. 

Installation is a breeze with our OE fit plastic/aluminum & heavy duty copper/brass constructed units, many of which are available complete with frame assemblies to reduce your time spent in the shop. 

We also carry a large selection of stainless steel coolant tubes, oil coolers, top and bottom tanks and surge tanks, grommets, hoses and more.

Custom Radiators, Re-coring & Repairs:

We specialize in Obsolete and Custom design Radiators.

Our Specialty Radiator application for off highway, feedlots, heavy haul, high performance and retro-fits, give’s you versatility to design a unit for your specific work environment. 

With our re-core shop partnerships, we are able to make both bolt-on and solder-on truck cores for all makes and models in many variations to fit your needs including cores with PTO holes in them. We also keep a large inventory of bolt on cores on hand. 

Bring your radiator to us and let our re-core experts make your old worn out radiator new again and if you are looking to do it yourself, we make it easy for you with bolt kits and gaskets to do the job right. 

If a repair is what you need. Our repair facility offers Cleaning, Repairs, Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Re-coring and Re-designs of radiators, condensers, heater cores, charge air coolers, oil coolers, after coolers and heat exchangers.

Charge Air Coolers:

Charge air coolers can be one of the most neglected items on your truck and one of the costliest robbing your truck of power and fuel mileage.

Bring in your charge air cooler and have us test it for you. Once your CAC has been tested, if you need to replace, we have a wide variety of OEM replacement charge air coolers in stock.

In need of a more durable alternative for your charge air cooler? We have the answer for you with our heavy duty line of bar & plate charge air coolers.

Your A/C system:

You have your truck cooling efficiently, now it's time for your A/C. From condensers to compressors to driers to evaporators and expansion valves we carry a wide variety of A/C components for your truck. 

We also handle compressor conversions to change over your existing York style compressor to a Sanden rotary compressor.

Don't forget we also have the capabilities to make and fix A/C lines and hoses. 

And when it gets cold we also handle Heater Cores!
Feedlot Radiator

Our "DIRT BUSTER" line of radiator and charge air coolers are designed with dirty conditions in mind. No matter if it's construction, agriculture, oil field, feedlot, silage equipment, rice equipment, cotton equipment we can help you design a system that is right for you.
Bisman Radiator Works Inc  - DIRTBUSTER
Heavy Duty Truck Radiators
High Performance Radiators
Designed for the Heavy Haul and trucks running high Horsepower where optimum cooling is needed.

Duracool Radiators
A C/B bolt together replacement radiator that replaces existing plastic and aluminum radiators and frames. Just drop into the existing mounting brackets and your done.