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We specialize in keeping your equipment running in dirty, dusty, or debris-filled environments. If engine overheating is a constant concern due to the radiator or coolers being plugged with airborne debris, our "DIRTBUSTER" & "FEEDLOTBUSTER" line of radiators and charge air coolers can help. 

A few of the different industries we serve are, feedlot, agriculture, construction, oil field, forestry, cotton, rice, silage handling equipment, and any environment where dirt and debris is an issue.

Our design team will be happy to work with you to better understand your industry and equipment needs. We want to know where your machine goes and the problems you're having keeping your radiators or coolers clean of airborne debris and buildup. Then we will provide you with the best solution possible to keep your radiators clean and running cool. 

Already have a copper/brass or aluminum component. We can re-core your existing radiator or cooler into one of our "DIRTBUSTER" or "FEEDLOTBUSTER" designs.

If your machine came with a plastic/aluminum radiator we can custom build a replacement radiator for you. 

Give us a call at (701) 663-7896 or email us at and let our team go to work on Your application!

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Radiators & Charge Air Coolers
For Truck, Farm, Feedlot, and Industrial Applications

Built to stay cool in dirty conditions!